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A message from the founder of Encore Property Group

Real Estate in Kwinana & Rockingham WA

My name is Paula Airoldi and I have been lucky enough to start Encore Property Group in June of 2013. I have had a connection to the real estate industry since 1998.

I bought my first investment property at age 23 and from there the passion was ignited like a flame torch.

I am lucky to have such a diverse back ground in all of these areas as I can bring to the table my knowledge, expertise and life experiences.

I started professionally in the real estate industry in 2004 as a Sales Representative and loved the flexibility of not being office bound from 9-5 (yeah right, who gets to work only from 9-5 these days!) but what I really found the most rewarding was the people.

I got to deal with people from all walks of life and be involved in helping them make the right decision in regards to one of their biggest assets. What I did learn was that the real estate industry appeared to be not all that it was cracked up to be.

 After 9 years of a very rewarding career, I finally felt like I had the right amount of experience to go out on my own and really try to make a difference.

Bring back the personal service that has been lost along the way. Good customer service, COMMUNICATION and downright honesty.

I will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not! No point beating around the bush, it only wastes time and efforts for us all. As humans, we don’t always like what we hear but sometimes we need to hear the truth to wake us up for our own good.

This is the core of Encore Property Group. Communication, honesty and good old fashion customer service.

Myself and my team are all mature people with life experience. As investors ourselves, we know what we want and what we expect!

So why can’t you have this also?


We are not the biggest and the best and to be quite frank, I do not wish to be the biggest and the best so quickly.

That’s when the headaches come in, staff become under too much pressure, clients lose the personal touch and the overall care factor goes out the window!

I wouldn’t have any time for my husband and daughter who are my whole world. What’s the point? At the end of the day do we not all go to work to earn a good living so we can enjoy the rewards with our families and loved ones? Do we not have investments so we can build a future for each other and security for our children?

If you truly are looking for an agency that genuinely cares about you, your family and your wealth creation, look no further and join the Encore Family. We are peoples, people with no false pretences and crappy bells and whistles…