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You see a house, you want it, the rent is reasonable, it’s near the school and not far from the shops. It's perfect, but here’s the thing 100 other applicants think the same thing.

You’ve been to a number of rental opens, truckloads of people all viewing the home, some with mum, dad, the kids and a friend they met 6 years ago who they just ran into, who just had to check out the place!

It feels like everyone is there. You’re navigating the premises whilst trying not to connect to the children running around with dirty hands and touching everything, including you.

Then you hear its rented and not by you!

The application is just one part of the interview and assessment process, seeing how you interact at home opens  = property managers ascertaining if are you worthy of that home!

Long before the application is filled in, viewed and checked, property managers, have already assessed you as a candidate.  

  •    Treat the viewing as a job application.

This means to fill in the application in a tidy manner, fill in ALL the answers, add a cover letter, one that explains extra things about you, such as things you’ve undertaken as a tenant before that improved the home, or you’ve never missed a rent payment, you love gardening etc… Attach a photo, this is a great way for property managers to remember you.

  • Dress to Impress, please put on a pair of shoes and for goodness sake if you’re coming in thongs, clean your feet.  Oh and grab the iron out of the cupboard, pressed clothes are a great indicator of self-worth.
  • Don’t park in the driveway, at times property managers who need to get to the next appointment are parked in. Do not park on the grass verge, you may be breaking someone’s rectic system.  Park legally, if needed down the street and walk, yes walk to the house.
  • Don’t bring the kids, the family, the dog or don’t drop into Maccas on the way, the last thing property managers want or need is to clean up little Jonny's cheeseburger droppings.  

Other aspects might be:

  • Did you follow the proper directions given in filling out an application?
  • Did you supply copies of all the relevant documents requested with that form?
  • Did you act fast enough, were you professional in person and in the application form?
  • Did you follow all the directions requested both in person and on the form, this often is a reason your application goes into the no file?
  • Did you lie on the form, is your history not that good, did your references not check out.

When you’re at the home open, walk up, stand tall and smile and shake hands, thank the property manager for their time and if possible have an application and cover letter with that photo ready to hand to them, with all the relevant copies of attached paperwork.

How you look, act and present yourself is a very clear indicator of how you will look after the home. People may not remember your name but they remember how you make them feel.  A smile, a genuine smile can go a very long way.

Sometimes it's not you, sometimes you’ve done everything right but sadly the owner picked another. The final decision is with the owner after the recommendations come from the property manager.

If you did all the right things then next time the property manager may ring you a few days later as they may have opened another house, as good applications are kept on file.