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Localagentfinder and others like them claim to provide a service that finds the consumer the best agent, but that is just fantasy! They are nothing more than a referral service and refer sellers only to agents who are willing to take part; this ‘willingness’ involves paying these intermediaries 20 per cent of the commission received from the referred sale – that’s something they don’t tell potential sellers upfront.

Purple Bricks also concerns me with its lack of transparency and add-on fees.

They charge a $4500 fee and no commission, which sounds enticing if you are selling.

However, I understand that $1000 goes to the agent upfront, essentially for doing an appraisal of your home, then $3500 goes to promotion and marketing, which is not itemised, and presumably, some of the money goes to the Purple Bricks business itself. Then you are effectively on your own.

What you do not hear is that extra fees are involved if you want them to conduct home opens and when you receive an offer all the details have to be sent to a law firm for a contract to be put together.

If you want to use a settlement agent of your choice you are charged an extra $300-plus... If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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