Sales Results – January 2016

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The Top Selling suburbs by number sold is not necessarily the best way of assessing a suburbs sales performance and whether your sales person is working hard for you.

After releasing data for the 6 weeks through December and early January, I have been contacted to add a couple of extra suburbs to the data. I am pleased to advise that Thornlie and Huntingdale will be added to the data recordings from now on.

During the period from January 1st, 2016 to January 31, 2016 it should be noted the details below.

  • Baldivis 348 active listings 15 Settled properties 4.3% sales
  • Bertram 49 active listings 4 settled properties 8.1% sales
  • Byford 126 active listings 20 settled properties 15% sales
  • Casuarina 11 active listings no settlements 0% sales
  • Medina 19 active listings 2 settled properties 10% sales
  • Secret Harbour 192 active listings 6 settled properties 3.1% sales
  • Wellard 105 active listings 10 settled properties 9.5% sales
  • Thornlie 121 active listings 9 settled properties 7.4% sales
  • Huntingdale 42 active listings 2 settled properties 4.8% sales

In the 9 suburbs identified above, there are over 1013 active listings with an average sale percentage of 13.4% for the month of January 2016.

Data taken from RP Data for period between 1/1/16 to 31/1/16. Active listings include land sales, together with residential properties. Settled properties are those that settled a sale during the specified date period.

When looking at the sales percentages, you need to be asking whether your home sits in the top sales percentage of available properties for value and presentation within your area.
Whether it’s adjusting your price to attract a buyer or a revised marketing campaign, a Sales person should be doing everything they can do in order to achieve a sales result for you. If you are selling your home, make sure it is the best it can be in preparation for sale, and make sure you work with a Sales Person who has the drive to get you the result you need.

{AimyChartsBar} Baldivis; %; 4.3; darkorange

Bertram; %; 8.1;

Byford; %;15;

Casuaria; %;0;

Medina; %;10;

Secret Harbour; %;3.1;

Wellard; %; 9.5;

Thornile; %;7.4;

Huntingdale; %;4.8;

Baldivis; settled properties;23; #ccc

Bertram; settled properties;5;

Byford; settled properties;22;

Casuaria; settled properties;0;

Medina; settled properties;2;

Secret Harbour; settled properties;13;

Wellard; settled properties;9;

Thornile; settled properties;9;

Huntingdale; settled properties;2; {/AimyChartsBar}

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