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5. How quickly can you put a tenant into my property?

here is no easy answer to this question.  In our world today it is a known fact that over 90% of prospective tenants use the internet to find homes. We endeavour to make your property really stands out from the crowd by delivering high-quality advertising and marketing on various internet platforms like and many more. This includes multiple high-quality photos and detailed descriptive copywriting text in all property listings and advertisements.

Take a look at the rental advertisements on our website and see for yourself!  We even do videos of each property when requested, and social media campaigns.

We have invested in the latest online technology to allow people to enquire about a property, receive inspection alerts and apply for a property all online...

Basically we make it as easy as possible for a potential tenant to get information about your property, inspect it and apply for it. This all results in more applicants to choose from, so you get a suitable tenant into your property as quickly as possible.