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Rockingham is certainly one of the city’s most affordable coastal locations and has experienced a fairly modest growth rate over the past decade.

What makes it a great place to live is its proximity to all the wonderful beaches

The City of Rockingham is located at the southernmost edge of the Greater Perth metropolitan area around 47 km south of Perth via the Kwinana Freeway. It is now part of the Perth-Kwinana commuter belt.

Rockingham was named after the 427 ton vessel, the Rockingham, which brought some of the first settlers to Cockburn Sound and, arriving in heavy weather on the afternoon of 13 May 1830, was blown ashore and wrecked. The early settlement became known as "Rockingham Town".

Rockingham is a rapidly growing urban area that stands on the edge of the sheltered waters of Cockburn Sound.

The City of Rockingham is a rapidly developing residential area, with substantial industrial and commercial areas, and a naval area on Garden Island.

The City encompasses a total land area of approximately 260 square kilometres, including significant areas of coastline and parkland. With 37 km of breathtaking coastline, the area is known for its pristine beaches, nearby Penguin Island, dolphins and seals frequenting the area, and adventure experience.

If you're searching for advice on natural attractions, accommodation options, great places to eat, upcoming events or simply things to do in Rockingham, you can discover it all here!

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