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Selling house in Kwinana

One of the first tasks for the seller is to organise an open house. If your home is listed with a real estate agent, your agent will tell you how to prepare your home and organize the open house.

Prepare for Home Open

The day before


  • Try to prevent any nasty odors (pets, smoking, cooking).  Airing the house thoroughly can help.
  • Remove clutter from cupboards. This will maximize the appeal of your storage space.
  • Perhaps consider unneeded items in boxes at a friends house.
  • Mop your floors or if required stream clean your carpets. Repair and paint where required, make sure all your gates open and close. Fix any problem items like leaking taps.
  • Clean windows inside and out.
  • Have a thorough spring clean, include all those places usually overlooked high up on the walls, under the couch, outside where dust and cobwebs accumulate especially under eaves.


  • Consider planting some colourful annuals to brighten up your garden.
  • A steam hose clean will remove any dirt that has settled on paint and bricks.
  • Mow lawns and clip edges before a home open. This will give a well maintained appearance.
  • Consider creating a dramatic entrance outside your front door, using potted plants (standard roses are great) and nice outdoor furniture
  • Mulch or mow your garden beds and pull out any weeds.
  • Take rubbish to the tip or have it removed.
  • Trim back any trees which might be preventing light from your property

On the Day


  • Let as much natural light in as possible fully open every window covering. If any of your rooms are dark, turn on the lights for an inspection even during the day.
  • Wash and put away dishes, clean kitchen benches, sweep floors and make the beds.
  • Put out the garbage.
  • If you have children, put away toys and clothing.
  • Choose some pleasant background music.
  • In colder months if you have an open fireplace or wood heater set it ready to light for the viewing.
  • Display flowers in vases around your home.
  • Have coffee ready to brew or aromatherapy ready to burn.
  • Make sure you place any small valuables in a safe place.


  • Place good door mats at all your entrances, to help keep your floor surface clean.
  • Create car spaces for buyers. Have all your cars in the garages and carports or move them outside the property.
  • If you have a dog, make sure there are no nasty dog droppings in your yard or have the dog minded

**Never be there at the Home Open.  This makes buyers uncomfortable and can restrict an open conversation with your Sales Representative.**