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Family friendly suburbs in Perth

If you’re moving to Perth with a family, or planning to start a family, then you’ll be wondering where are the best places to live. From low crime rates to convenience, there are many variables to consider when choosing that perfect place that you and your family can call home.

A common question that is fielded by real estate agents is, “how is the neighborhood?”. 

Not shopping around for the best neighbourhood and only focusing on the available homes may turn the 'perfect home' into a bit of a nightmare.

Things that you might consider are:

  1. safety
  2. easy access to transport that is less than 10 minutes walk if you haven’t got a car
  3. quality childcare or schools 
  4. parks and
  5. shopping

    Picking your home neighbourhood is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make when considering your move. And it pays to get it right first time. When you buy a home you have to think ahead into the future because you will be committing yourself for quite a few years.

We are local and we know local suburbs pretty well.

Here are some more things to consider:

  • future development
  • rates and taxes
  • convenience
  • employment
  • affordability
  • healthcare facilities

If you have a question about particular suburb please ask below and we will be happy to answer any questions.